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Q Yellow Sapphire is a prominently treasured/ renowned precious, yellow-colored gemstone from the corundum mineral group. This       “JUPITER STONE”  is also known by many different names like Gururatna, Pukhraj, Pushpraag, Gurupriya, Guruvallabh, Pitman, and Vachaspati Vallabh…

Gururatna or Pukhraj is a birthstone of Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meen) zodiac signs.


According to Vedic astrology wearing a yellow sapphire stone, and achieving success in business, jobs, and academics, it’s improved the financial and social status of a wearer. A person has health rejuvenation, marital, and progeny bliss, marital bliss alternative healing

Pukhraj stone is a symbol of courage and intelligence. It brings prosperity to a person’s life, it’s a very beneficial stone that’s why it’s very high in demand..

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Healing Properties of Yellow Sapphire 

  1. Provides Mental Peace, courage, and happiness.
  2. Yellow sapphire stone attain greater solace with spirituality

What are the Rituals of wearing Pukhraj?

Pukhraj is one of the Most auspicious gemstones of Navratna stones. Upon rightly wearing this cosmic stone, the wearer gets many amazing health and career benefits.

Q 1. Which is the Best day to wear Yellow Sapphire?

A.     Thursday is the best day to wear this stone.

Q 2. Which is the Best finger to wear Ring?

A.     Index Finger of the Right hand is the best.

Q 3. What is the Best time to wear Pukhraj stone?

A.     Early morning time 5-7 A.M. of Shukla Paksha days. With Chant is this mantra “AUM BRIM BHRASPATAYE NAMAH AUM”. 

Q4.  Which is the Best Metal to wear Yellow Sapphire stone?

A.    Yellow Gold is the Metal to wear this stone. You can wear this stone as a       Ring or a Pendant.

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