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Turquoise is a prominent and timeless semi-precious gemstone of the Phosphate mineral family from the human-centric. This color varies from a natural light blue to a deep bluish-green colored, 


 According to Vedic or Indian astrology, a natural Turquoise stone is also associated with the planet “JUPITER” it is also known as FIROZA in Hindi.  


According to Indian astrology, Firoza suggested the Dhanu (Sagittarius) zodiac sign. As well as Western astrology also recommends a Turquoise birthstone for the Sagittarius sign and December month. Ascendants of  Cancer, Leo, Aries, and Scorpio can also wear a Turquoise gem.


This stone symbolizes prudence, serenity or calmness,  protection, Luck, and hope. It is a Magical healing stone and It is also a mystical stone in the Buddhist community.




Q1. Which type of Turquoise stone is to wear?

  1.   You should wear Non-heated, Non-treated, artificially colored, highly included, fractured, or damaged are not considered good for healing purposes.


Q2. Which type of Turquoise jewelry can I wear?

  1.   You can wear it in a Ring, Bracelet, or Pendant, but in proper shape and polished stone is good to wear in any type of jewelry. 


Q3. Which is the best metal to wear Turquoise?

  1. Ring, Bracelet, or Pendant made of silver or any metal of your choice.


Q4. If one can not prefer to wear it for healing purposes then how can it be used for the best result?

  1.   If one does not prefer to wear it, then Vastu experts suggest that you can also keep it in your home, office or any space where you spend the maximum of your time.  Raw, Tumbled, Energy Points, Spherical or any natural shaped stones or crystals are preferred to be placed. The size or weight of a crystal depends on the size of the space, where the crystal is to be placed so that the entire place is covered with healing energy.


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