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Ruby stone is one of the most prevailing and traditional leading gemstones of the corundum family because of its color and cuts. Ruby’s Pink to blood-red blazing and glittering color has been bewitching royalty.  Rubies are surprisingly wearing-resistant and are now traditionally used in gemstone jewelry.


Q1.  Who should wear Ruby gemstone?

  1.   As per Vedic astrology,  Ruby is associated with Sun. it is  Depending on the placement of the Sun planet in a person’s horoscope, wearing a ruby gemstone can prosperously brighten the career, well-being, spirit, and dignity of indigenous.

Q2.  Which zodiac sign person can wear the Ruby stone?

  1.     According to Indian astrology ruby gemstone for Leo Rashi.
  • And  Western astrology recommends a Leo because of the sun sign, but ascendants of Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio,  and Pisces can also wear ruby

Q3. On which finger Ruby stone ring should be worn?

  1.    The in-ring finger of the right-hand Ruby stone should be worn.  

Q4. Which metal is beneficial or best for Ruby stone?

  1.   Gold is advised. Alternatively, one can wear it in, panchdhatu, silver or white gold also. 

Q5.  What is the Best time and Procedure to wear Ruby stone?

  1.     Early morning of Sunday between 6 am -9 am. chanting the mantra “ Om Ghrini Suryay Namah” 108 times. 

Q6. Which color tone of Ruby is recommended by astrologers?

  1. Redefine red Ruby stones with a color identical to a pigeon’s blood are the best for astrological benefit. Rubies with the hue or tones of pinkish-red or purplish-red color are also effective.

Q7. Is there any best astrology alternative stone for Ruby?

  1.   Yes, Red Garnet has esteemed as the best astrological substitute or varies for Ruby. Substitutes are chosen because of due to a low budget of a person. But alternates do not provide as satisfactory results as the main stone due to the difference in their properties.

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