Power of the tiger’s eye to change you.

Q-Tiger’s Eye represents/ stag the power, courage, and fearlessness of the tiger, worshiped throughout history and across the world. Tiger’s Eye is a member of the Quartz family and has been revered for centuries.

The paranormal properties of Tiger’s Eye Stone

It’s entitled Tiger’s Eye because it reminds me of the eye of a tiger or a cat. It’s yellow-brown brown to golden brown in color.

The origin of the largest number of Tiger’s Eye stones can be found in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa and Thailand. However, it can also be mined in Namibia, the USA, Canada, Western Australia, Spain, Brazil, China, and Myanmar. Sources of Tiger’s Eye can also be found right across India. Tiger’s Eye stone is a birthstone of the Gemini zodiac sign.


A crystal with glamorous bands of yellow-golden color throughout. This is a dynamic gemstone that helps you to protect yourself from fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance. It rejuvenates taking action and helps you to make decisions with apprehension and perception, and is tranquil by your emotions.

The tiger’s eye stone has everlasting, featured resplendently in modern culture too, with many businesses using its resemblance to represent power and strength..

Most people carry Tiger’s Eye jewelry to specify courage and spirit, as well as triumph. Tiger’s eye stones are also popular in Zodiac-themed designs such as astrological signs or the Chinese Zodiac.

A Magical stone has a magnetic healing Power.

Chakra Healing with colored Tiger Eye

Tiger’s Eye stones are one of the most sought-after metaphysical crystals. Their chic, earthen colors and gleaming movement have earned them their rightful place in jewelry design and as a talisman/pendant.

Tiger’s Eye is a stone used to review insight, bring clarity, and harness luck. It can be used for protection and warding off evil energy.

Its energetic frequency can aid in the following ways:

1. This gemstone gives high vibration that enhances a human’s physical energy means that it helps to create a magnificent aura of power and vitality.  

2. This charming stone brings achievement, grandeur, and opulence to your life. It will help you to attract good luck and give you the confidence needed to maintain it.

3. It gives protection to the wearer from danger or ills.  It is also protected by superiors or superiors; material safety such as disease, business matters, and investments.

4. Tiger’s eye stone can be used to boost trustworthiness in your partner. it is good for bonding with lovers, newlyweds, or marriage partners who are facing challenging situations together. It motivates partnership and cooperation between the lovebirds.

5. This spectacular crystal is used for meditation. It is also helpful when you’re working on exhibiting your goals. Tiger’s eye stone brings clarity and enlightenment, it also helps you to make sound choices in your life.

6. Tiger’s Eye is also used as a stone of blessing and is believed to be an effective tool for the ill Eye. It can help increase prosperity, success, and protection against accidents, it nullifies negativity and fear.

It can also bring success, wealth, and prosperity to business owners, traders, and entrepreneurs.

Its color reflects the fire of the Sun (fire energy) that can be used to stimulate one’s vitality and life force. It is believed to protect its owner from physical harm or dangers coming from humans.

6. This gemstone brings success in your personal growth as well as it brings spirituality and personal life. It also helps build self-confidence, and eliminate fear and insecurity. It brings more certain things into your life as well as encourages you to release the anger that can be holding you back from living a happy life.

7. This magical stone also brings emotional stability, wisdom, and growth. In addition, this stone is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.


Q 1.  What is the ritual to wear Tiger’s Eye stone?

A. The Tiger’s Eye Stones can be purified of their negative energies by dipping them in water overnight. To protect from scratches on the surface, the tiger’s eye gemstone should not be rubbed against a harder surface.

Q2.  Which is the Best Metal to wear Tiger’s Eye stone?

A.    Pure silver and Panchdhatu is the Metal to wear this stone. You can wear this stone as a Ring or a Pendant.


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