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1. Ceylon Sapphire:-

The blue sapphires gemstone from Sri Lanka is now referred to as Ceylon Sapphires or Sri Lankan Sapphires. Sri Lanka has the world’s oldest sapphire mines. Although Sri Lanka is a remarkable country for blue sapphire, mining.  In the southeast end of the country, Rathnadweepa is referred to as a ‘Gem Island.

Ceylon Sapphires are far-famed for their vigorous color, lighter to darker and brighter. Ceylon sapphire is widely brought a premium price tag amongst all other blue color sapphires. This color was referred to as ‘cornflower blue in the past.

How is Sri Lankan Sapphire famous as Ceylon Sapphire?

Ceilão was the name given to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese when they colonized the country in 1505, which was then called Zeylan by the Dutch and later transliterated to English as Ceylon when Britain colonized the land in 1798. Sri Lanka’s gemstone mining from bygone times is at least 2,500 years old.

On the other grounds, these blue gems are merchantable for their ingenuous style. They can be cut into various shapes like circles, and ovals and their rich, blue color allows them to be surrounded by other types of smaller, brilliant gems.

2. Burma or Burmese Blue Sapphire:-

Burma blue sapphires are defined as royal blue, idyllically on the darker side of royal blue. Many gem retailers,   gemologists, merchandisers other stone houses will talk very highly of Burmese sapphires being the very best quality sapphires; but some of them do not unavoidably concur that this is accurate and fair. 

Burma or Myanmar is yet another veteran country who are producing fine quality blue sapphires. 

Each sapphire should be graded by its resemblance for mere beauty.  Burma does produce incomparable stones, usually in lesser quantities but in greater sizes.

3. Bangkok Blue Sapphire:-

Bangkok is a huge pivot place or country of precious stones where all types of precious gems from overseas/ pole to pole are carried to be stored and the most eminent Place where sapphire is manufactured.   

Bangkok sapphires are not perpetually found within the universe. because these stones are handled and treated to achieve the palatial/splendiferous beauty that they carry themself. 

Bangkok Blue sapphires are primarily heat-treated and also have a slightly bounteous color as compared to Ceylon sapphires. 

Note:- Bangkok Blue Sapphire color remains the same as time pass & Quality also remains the same after years

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4. Glass Filling Sapphire:-

The use of lead glass to actualize the technique of ‘infilling’ in sapphires has become frequent or normal. It is executed in shallow heat and with very gentle treatment while escaping professional as well as household chemicals. This treatment prepares the creation of glass-filled sapphires to develop clarity and color. It also has the likelihood to add weight by filling the fissures and voids.


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