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The payments on RR Gems and Jewels can be made using one of the following options:

*Paytm/ Direct bank transfers/ Card Payment / UPI / COD / PayPal accepted. Please note that COD as per the shipping policy RR Gems does not offer a COD option below INR 3000.

*Below the order of INR 5000, shipment will be chargeable at  Rs.  100/ -“ extra (Cash handling charges) and Paypal will be 10% extra over and above the total order amount. Kindly mention your contact number as comment in the account transfers for us to trace the payment and confirm your order

  • As per the revised Shipping policy, GemPundit does not offer a COD option below INR 3000.
  • Below the order of INR 5000, Shipment of INR 100 will be charged.
  • Free Shipping is available on all orders above INR 5000.
  • International Free Express Shipping takes 2-5 days for delivery and is available on all orders above INR 2,00,000 (approx USD 2690 as of 30-July-2021).
  • All Express shipments are sent through reputed courier service providers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL & TNT
  • For International orders below INR 2,00,000 (approx. USD 2690):
    •   -in the countries where the EMS shipping facility is available, a shipping amount of INR 2100 (approx. $30) will be applicable on the order value of below INR 40,000 (USD 537).
    •   -For International orders of INR 40,000 (USD 537) and above, shipping charges of INR 4200 (approx. $55) will be applicable on shipments dispatched via Express and EMS shipping facilities.
  • In countries where an EMS shipping facility is not available, we dispatch the orders via reputed International Express Shipping service providers such as UPS, FedEx, Sequel. For international orders below INR 40,000 (USD 537) dispatched via Express Shipping, a shipping amount of INR 3100 (approx. $40) will be applicable. For orders of INR 40,000 (USD 537) and above, Express Shipping will cost around Rs.4200 (approx. $55).
  • EMS shipping service (trackable) is available in over 50+ countries/territories including India, USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Nepal and it typically delivers in 9-12 days.
  • All Express shipments are sent through reputed Express delivery services such as UPS, FedEx, Sequel (mostly trackable) that typically deliver within 2 to 5 days.

Note : In case you have received  the a damaged product or wrong product, please intimate to RR Gems within 3 days of receiving the order.


Please email us at or Whatsapp at +919414316589  PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO MENTION YOUR ORDER ID.


Taxes and duties are included in the price of the product listed on the Website, for deliveries in India.For deliveries outside India, customs duties and local taxes, if applicable, have to be paid by customers to our shipping partner at the time of shipment delivery. The amount of duties and taxes depend on the policies of your destination country.

A. Solitary pieces were worn to express respective messages such as security, culture-tradition, grandeur, and luxury. Most women like to carry jewelry as an icon of femininity or to showcase social status. Jewelry can also make a woman feel optimistic and classy or graceful.

A.  Jewelry helps in embellishing/enhancing one’s beauty. It also epitomizes prosperity, vigor, and status. For some, jewelry is a form of craftsmanship for self and creative expression. Then, some people use jewelry as part of their traditions and culture.

A.   A Gemstone universally leads the image of bewatching rare colorful minerals or stones in our minds. It is naturally a rock or mineral, and crystal that can be designed for jewelry or accessory that amplify the beauty of human beings. . A natural gemstone is something that is accomplished naturally from the earth through

the mining process that’s why they are precious, in so much that costs money to find them.

Traditionally a gemstone is a natural mineral that has the proficiencies of elegance, rarity, and durability. A gemstone is used as a treasure, an object of signifying prestige, opulence, and personal choice, and  Some people use gemstones as jewels while others use them astrologically interpretations.

Nowadays gemstones may be natural or artificial/synthetic (Man-made) they may be shaped by cutters with smooth or faceted shapes.

  1.   The earliest gemstone jewelry stretches back to 25000 years from Ornaments to ammunition and healing, gemstones were put to use all around The World. gems have been triumphed by people for many reasons throughout history.


Gemstones were used for everything anywhere from classic embellishing ornaments, and religious symbols/allegories to amulets and good luck charms. Gems have also been used for trade and medical purposes. As pieces of investments or displays help status and power.

A gemstone (also called a fine gem, jewel precious stone, or semiprecious stone) is a piece of mineral crystal that, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry or other adornments. to make jewelry or other adornments.

Maximum gemstones are hard, but some soft minerals are used in jewelry because of their brilliance/sheen or other material properties that are Captivating, and Rarity, and are other characteristics that lend value to gemstones.

A.    The primary properties of gemstones are whether they are categorized as precious or semi-precious. This is merchandise designed to make individual stones intimate more rare or major than others. Precious gemstones have grand, durability, and rarity, whereas semi-precious gemstones have only one or two of these qualities. Rubies, Diamonds, Emeralds, and sapphires are all considered to be precious, and thereby, the most esteemed and most preferred gemstones.

A.    Semi-precious stones are ranked below the gemstone category, they also belong to a specific category of gems. The luster, color, cutting, and polishing processes used to aggrandize the gems are the same. However, if the commercial market does not verify the stones to be rare or fine, they are then classified as semiprecious stones for example Tiger’s eye, lapis, garnet, opal, amethyst, etc.

  1. There are many purposes why you should wear gemstones. Traditionally, they are convinced to nuteralized all the negative energies attached to any zodiac sign. There are exclusive gemstones for all zodiac signs, so you can virtue a lot by wearing a gemstone of your zodiac sign. Diamond, Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, etc are the few gemstones that are said to cherish great powers. 


It is said that they channel energies to people through body contact and rejuvenation of many diseases. It is also said that they have serendipity with them. So if you are having hurdles such as marriage conflicts, promotion issues, or health issues, you can wear a gemstone, and who knows, your fortune may make reversing and things may start having an effect on you.

A.   Birthstones are a treasure trove of precious gems that associate with one’s birth month. Traditionally, each gem holds a different meaning thought to hold true to its wearer. There are a few months where multiple birthstones symbolize various peculiarities, giving its wearer multiple choices in the gem they choose. Each of these birthstones has a captivating history and continues to bring wellbeing, abundance, and wellness to its wearers from all parts of the world.

A.   Your birthstone is the gemstone of the month when you were born. Introduce this birthstone chart of all the birthstones by month to find your special gem. Scrutinize that some months have more than one gemstone.

January: Garnet


February: Amethyst


March: Aquamarine


April: Diamond


May: Emerald


June: Pearl or alexandrite


July: Ruby


August: Peridot


September: Sapphire


October: Opal or Tourmaline


November: Topaz or Citrine


December: Blue topaz, Blue zircon, or Turquoise. 


We will provide an authenticity certificate along with your gems and jewellery that certifies that the precious stones are 100% authentic.

In gold or silver based jewellery, we take orders for customized jewellery. Please call us at +91 . You can also drop us an email at customercare

All of our jewelry is assembled in India. However, the precious stones and pearls are sourced from outside.


RR Gems and Jewels brings you the best of certified natural gem stones at an unmatchable pricing and delightful services. All of our stones are certified.


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