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Ceilão was the name given to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese when they colonized the country in 1505, which was then called Zeylan by the Dutch and later transliterated to English as Ceylon when Britain colonized the land in 1798. Sri Lanka’s gemstone mining bygone times is at least 2,500 years old.


1. Ceylon Sapphire:- The blue sapphires gemstone from Sri Lanka is now referred to as Ceylon Sapphires or Sri Lankan Sapphires. Sri Lanka has the world’s oldest sapphire mines. Although Sri Lanka is a remarkable country for blue sapphire, mining.  In the southeast end of the country, Rathnadweepa is referred to as a ‘Gem Island.…

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Power of the tiger’s eye to change you.

Power of the tiger’s eye to change you. Q-Tiger’s Eye represents/ stag the power, courage, and fearlessness of the tiger, worshiped throughout history and across the world. Tiger’s Eye is a member of the Quartz family and has been revered for centuries. The paranormal properties of Tiger’s Eye Stone …

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Natural Yellow sapphire online


Q Yellow Sapphire is a prominently treasured/ renowned precious, yellow-colored gemstone from the corundum mineral group. This       “JUPITER STONE”  is also known by many different names like Gururatna, Pukhraj, Pushpraag, Gurupriya, Guruvallabh, Pitman, and Vachaspati Vallabh... Gururatna or Pukhraj is a birthstone of Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meen) zodiac signs. WHY…

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buy natural pearl online

Natural Pearl types and benefits

QLong ago Natural Pearl or Moti was a very prominent gemstone in Vedic astrology. In addition to its super alluring grace, it is extremely likable for its exclusive metaphysical properties and marvelous healing potentiality that bless its wearer with desired zeal, calmness, and stability. Pearl is an organic marine gem that is found in ocean…

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Before now exploring the details about how to read a gemstone certificate report. First, you need to identify what is a gemstone certificate report and why it is so requisite.

At RR Gems and Jewels, trading in to stamp the stone’s authenticity and be a reliable source for all our clients. Most of the stones are certified by their own Testing Lab VGTL, (RAJ.) India, the par excellence Private lab in Rajasthan as well as India with the most extravagant range of equipment

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blue sapphire gemstone

Q Blue Sapphire (Neelam)is one of the predominant gemstones in Navratna stones. Neelam is marked as one of the most dynamic and powerhouse gemstones in the world of astrological coliseum/astrology.  As claimed by ancient Indian science, Neelam is the stone of the fierce  planet Saturn or Lord Shani. This stone is favorable for individuals experiencing…

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